Stella Artois Black: Night chauffeur - Applying interaction design to real-world brand experience

Matt Hardisty
Mother Advertising Ltd


Welcome to the tale of Stella Artois Black. And how we launched it to a ‘tough to reach’ audience. Those Hipster-types. Highly influential. Always ahead. Hard to impress. Terrible hats.

A tale of how we met this engagement challenge by taking interaction design techniques from the digital realm and applying them to real world brand experience.

How we cast consumers as protagonists and planned for their involvement.

How we started with desired consumer response and worked backwards to map out our story.

And how eliciting that response led to success.

Stella Artois gained over 500 new listings for its new sub brand in the previously hostile new-wave gastro pubs. Enjoying 49m online page impressions along the way. And even picking up a 5 star theatre review.