Honda Internavi: Connecting Lifelines

Dentsu Tokyo

Advertiser: Honda Motor Company
Brand: Honda Internavi
Country: Japan


March 11, 2011. 2:46pm.

Eastern Japan is rocked by a massive earthquake and tsunami. The Tohoku earthquake and tsunami caused some 20,000 deaths and left hundreds of thousands homeless or stranded. The majority of the roads in the region were affected. Traffic in and out of the region was ground to a complete halt. This also made it next to impossible for desperately needed rescue crews and supplies to reach those who needed help.

In these devastating times of disaster, how could Honda, an automobile company, contribute to the society?


[The Background: The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan]

The earthquake and tsunami severely damaged many major roads in the northeast part of Japan blocking and stopping the traffic completely. The devastated areas desperately needed rescuers, water, food, clothes, blankets, volunteers, and heavy machinery to clean the debris among other supplies and support but because of the traffic chaos, delivering these quickly has extremely difficult.