Steinlager: Believe

DDB Group NewZealand Auckland

Advertiser: Lion Nathan
Brand: Steinlager
Country: New Zealand


For a country of New Zealand's size (4.4 million), the Rugby World Cup was quite a big deal. Promising riches, national unity and international triumph the likes of which New Zealanders had never seen.

Global events don't roll into town that often, and beer was set to enjoy the natural growth that came with it.1 Naturally, Lion Nathan (New Zealand's largest alcoholic beverage company) wanted more than their fair share of the World Cup dollar.

Perfect timing for New Zealand, but not for Steinlager

Steinlager is New Zealand's #1 premium beer brand2 made up of three variants; 'Classic' is the hero accounting for over 60% total volume3 and a long-term sponsor of the national rugby team the "All Blacks". This challenge lay squarely on Steinlager Classic's shoulders.