The media monitor in Italy: single source multimedia measurements

Giorgio Licastro
GfK Eurisko S.r.l, Italy


The Problem: Reflecting the Change in Media Consumption Habits

As shown by several pieces of research carried out over the last few years, media consumption behaviour in Western countries has been changing, especially as far as the more advanced segments of society are concerned. The availability of new technologies and the spread of home internet connections are responsible for the changes in lifestyle and consequently in media exposure, giving rise to the so-called “media meshing” phenomenon (Forrester Research and Media Edge) in which users enhance their experiences by accessing multiple media at the same time. Increased access allows users to gain perspective by digging deeper into something they see on television, personalize their experience by creating preferences on the information being aggregated, and getting involved by interacting with actors on a show, or other viewers voicing their own opinions. Whereas in the past 20–30 years TV has had a prominent role in media exposure, now people are shifting their time towards the other media.