Beiersdorf – Elastoplast: Leading by Example


The team

Charley Hayes, Dave Macnamara.

How did the campaign make a difference?

Creating a limited edition box of Elastoplast plasters helped reach out to a younger, previously untapped audience and drive a sales increase of nearly 11% in just two weeks.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

Onlinefire (part of the Eulogy! Group) saw an opportunity to get people engaging and talking about plasters by tapping into Example's No. 1 single, Stay Awake. It featured the lyric, ‘stick around like Elastoplast'. Onlinefire engaged Example and his fans by creating a limited edition, music-branded Elastoplast product, and incorporating a mechanic to incentivise sharing and drive engagement across target social media channels, as well as sharing the story via traditional consumer media.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?