Google Semantics

Marta Mattioli


We at Mindshare have noticed a problem with search marketing. If you type the word 'Zurich' into a search engine, the first result is information about the city in Switzerland, not our client the famous insurance company! Well, Google has announced plans to solve this little issue with the introduction of a new product called Google Semantics in the next few months. The company already gave hints of this change back in 2010 when it acquired the start-up Metaweb Technologies, which had a database of 12 million semantic entries – this compares to Wikipedia's 3.5 million English entries. After two years of developing extraction algorithms and mathematical formulas, 50 engineers have expanded the database to 200 million entries. Other players such as Yahoo! and Microsoft are also developing similar systems and Apple is already threatening Google's leader position with its Siri application.