Cravendale: I can haz affect context

Theo Izzard-Brown
Wieden & Kennedy


In our various guises we devote a lot of time to helping shape content - be that a TV ad, Facebook page or anything else for that matter. Truthfully though this is only half the picture. The context in which that content is viewed, experienced, discussed and ultimately enjoyed plays just as vital a role in determining campaign success. Shouldn’t we try to shape context too?

Note: I’ve peppered a few relevant Bitly links throughout the paper. They’re purely for illustrative purposes and aren’t essential viewing.


The contention at the heart of this paper is that cultural context is pliable not rigid.

That there are things we can do to shape it long before the public ever clap eyes on campaign content.

That whilst there are risks associated with manipulating context they’re not insurmountable.