Gandhi Bookstores Institutional Campaign: Read against all odds

Ogilvy & Mather


2009. The year of the global economic crisis.

“Since 1929, we haven’t seen anything like this”, said newspapers around the world. But honestly, that wasn’t a statement that pictured the whole truth, especially if you were a bookstore in Mexico.

Let’s do some recapping.

  • 2006: A National Reading Survey is conducted in Mexico. The results: Mexico is a country of non-readers. 2.9 is the average number of books that a person reads in a year.

  • 2007: Book production in Mexico declines for the first time.

  • 2008: A new law was declared in Mexico. A law of fixed prices for books. The same book would cost the same anywhere.

  • 2009: Global Economic crisis, Swine Flu Crisis (remember those funny masks? remember that everything started in Mexico? Stores closed for days, people were afraid of going out), and Carlos Slim, the Mexican business man, was named the richest man in the world (who also happens to be the owner of our strongest and biggest competitor).