Bonita Quest

Agency: FCB New Zealand   
Advertiser: Turners & Growers (Bonita) 
Awards: FMCG (Bronze)

Marketing Challenge

The New Zealand banana market is dominated by two brands, Dole supplied out of the Phillipines and Bonita, supplied by Turners and Growers out of Ecuador. Traditionally each brand has enjoyed a dominant supply through one of the two major supermarket chains, enjoying roughly 50% market share.

In early 2003, an exclusive supply agreement was struck between Dole and one of New Zealand's major supermarket chains, prohibiting Turners and Growers from trading its Bonita banana brand in what was then 40% of its market. Turners and Growers could not sustain a hit of this magnitude and needed a way to get back into the supermarket chain without cutting prices and creating an unsustainable price war.