NSPCC: Real Call



THE TEAM • Barney Cockerell, Michael Jones, Melissa Beeson, Kate Widdowson, Lorraine Gormley.

Other contributors: Light Parade, Moving Picture Company, Scramble.

WHAT IS WONDERFULABOUT THIS WORK? • We created a powerful and effective DRTV commercial by taking people as close as possible to the ‘coalface': the stark reality of child abuse. Results are not yet fully mature but a test showed a positive ROI. The ad is being used in our Donor Relationship programme to inform supporters about ChildLine.

OBJECTIVES • Generate new leads and donors, who'd call up or sign up online after seeing the commercial and agree to give £2 a month to support the NSPCC.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • We are hardwired to respond to emotional stimuli. For a fundraising DRTV commercial to work, it must trigger the emotions that drive response. The problem is, everyone knows this – every fundraising DRTV ad tries to pull on the heartstrings: big eyes, sad music, grave voiceovers. But these have been so overused that people are no longer moved by them in the same way. So we must be different. We must truly move people. This ad was inspired by a recording of a case study about a call to Childline; we knew it would have a powerful effect on anyone hearing it.