Chrysler 200: Born of Fire

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Client: Chrysler
Product: 200



The desire to make an American car that can trump all the imports has never died at Chrysler. And while our domestic brethren Ford et al. have made good cars for these sobering times, they haven't done anything that says, "America, we are back!"

Our challenge was going to be how to convince two completely different types of people that Chrysler was worth their consideration: First there were those who might have some nostalgia for the days when American cars reigned supreme. Then there were those who grew up buying imports.

  1. Make Chrysler a respected and sought-after brand again

    We wanted to generate huge buzz, tracked by YouTube views Google Trends and hits to our website. What's more we wanted to get people to learn more, tracking searches of Chrysler via Google Trends. When our campaign launched, we were not only trying to win back American car buyers, but we also had to win back the dealers. Our efforts had to convince everyone that Chrysler was back and worth doing business with. In order to gauge our ability to affect the market in this way, we did not allow for any PR leading up to the campaign launch. Typically, and with Super Bowl commercials especially, brands like to give sneak peeks to journalists to help them get buzz going and get people excited to see what is coming. Even more popular these days is releasing the commercial on YouTube before the Super Bowl. We did none of this. The Super Bowl airing was the first time anyone saw our communication.

  2. Create sales demand for the new 200