Billboard Magazine: The end of silent magazine

Campaign details

Advertiser: Billboard Magazine
Agency: Ogilvy & Mayher Sao Paulo
Category: Video / Rich Media
Region: LATAM


Nowadays, everyone carries a smartphone. So why not turn these devices into the speakers of our magazine? Billboard is now the first music magazine that actually plays music. It transmits an interactive playlist with the artists on the cover directly to the consumers' mobile phones: wireless, with no QR codes or Bluetooth required.

The target was Brazilian youths with access to smartphones with NFC, of both sexes, and who are interested in music in general. This is basically the same audience of the magazine.

Billboard is one of the most important music magazines in the world and this is no different in Brazil. This year we proclaimed the "End of the Silent Magazine," adding to every magazine a NFC that transmitted the music the magazine was talking about directly to the readers' mobile phones. All the reader needs to do is hold their smartphones over the cover and listen to the music Billboard has written about in that issue. This mobile integration with the magazine is game changer for the industry, a new media and sales argument for all the POS.