E.ON: Smart meters


Client: Consultancy
Category: 2 Print (Consumer)

Executive summary

Smart meters help people track energy usage in their home and send meter readings automatically to energy companies. There are lots of benefits to having a smart meter and the Government is urging energy companies to install them nationwide over the next ten years. This doesn't begin until 2014 but E.ON wanted to do trials to get a head start in developing a customer journey and experience that would set them up for a successful customer centric roll-out when the time came.

Michon created a direct mail that would engage customers to not only consider getting a smart meter fitted but to really want one. The smart meter itself was free but as people had to make time to have it fitted there was no guarantee they would want one just because of this. There was a lot of negative press too, so communicating the many benefits to the customer was very important. With a lot of confusion in the marketplace, messaging was key and was developed to clear up any misconceptions and tell the customer what they needed to do next.