Why Did This Journal Reject Your Article?

Alan Wolfe


In round figures, the International Journal of Advertising (IJOA) receives 100 submissions a year, almost all of them entirely unsolicited. We have been publishing four issues a year, with a page budget sufficient for between five and eight articles each (depending on length), resulting in an average total of 27 in an annual volume. In other words, we have had to reject about three out of every four submissions received over the past few years. While some of these rejects should perhaps not have been submitted in the first place, some were worthy pieces of work, of appropriate academic standards, written by authors of excellent standing. During my six years as editor I had the pleasure of accepting just over 160 submissions, and I hope that most readers will accept that those articles we finally chose for publication are of interest and significance. Over the same period I must have written more than 400 letters of rejection. This was not one of the happier parts of the job, and as a final act as departing editor, I would like to offer their recipients our collective apologies and a few words of explanation.