Vodafone Ireland: Make Someone Happy

Client Company Name: Vodafone Ireland
Brand Name: Vodafone
Category: Innovative Idea or Concept
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €50,000 to €100,000
Country: Ireland


Christmas represents the biggest sales period and one in which Vodafone goes head-to-head with every competitor and retail brand in Ireland. The communications challenge was how to deliver differentiation and cut-through in this key sales period. While the wider Christmas campaign focused on showcasing product and driving sales, our social media campaign focused on delivering share of mind over share of voice online and generating positive sentiment for the brand in the lead up to Christmas. The Vodafone Playground community on Facebook has grown to 10,000 fans in less than a year and had been delivering new opportunities for Vodafone to positively engage and connect with customers. Christmas represented an opportunity for us to experiment and explore the possibilities of social media to deliver cut through and differentiation against specific campaign objectives. Objectives were set not around driving sales but around driving positive sentiment, SOV online and participation.