Building brands in India - insights from ad:tech New Delhi 2013

Preeti Chaturvedi

Brand building as an art form has undergone a rapid transformation as the forces of digital media and changing consumer behaviour reset expectations across the board. As the audience at ad:tech New Delhi 2013 discovered, it also means the need for integrated storytelling is now more pressing than ever.

Ruth Stubbs, the chief executive of iProspect and digital media, Aegis Media Asia Pacific, suggested that inconsistency was hampering many attempts to build, or rebuild, brands. "Companies are trying to jump from one idea to another in an effort to please consumers' ever changing needs," she said. "They must converge within the media landscape. They should try to evaluate the best ways to reinvest. In short, they should take up the role of brand custodians."

Understanding the wider digital ecosystem which shapes the way in which brands now operate is thus essential, Stubbs continued. "Digital technology means more media, more connectivity and more business done online," she said. "The convergence of supply factors such as capacity, scalability and speed with demand factors such as access, ease and control is necessary. This … also requires that all the three forms of partners - namely media partners, content/technology partners and infrastructure partners - converge, too."