InterContinental Hotels Group introduces a "three-box" marketing model

Geoffrey Precourt

One of America's most celebrated brand advocates had some bad news for the Association of National Advertisers' 2013 Brand Masters conference in Palm Beach, Florida. The marketing model is broken, Larry Light, chief brands officer of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), told an opening-day keynote session at the event. And fixing it will demand changes even more substantive than nodding at new media or shuddering in the face of big data.

"In simple words," Light explained, "people are sharing their lives. They share their recipes, they share their restaurant experiences, their hotel experiences. Wikipedia is a collaborative knowledge base for sharing experiences and information. Wikihouse provides shared 3D models for [the] construction of homes.

"Sharing is the new essential, not just in communications, but in the culture of a business itself. Cooperation, collaboration – the sharing of responsibilities – actually is transforming how we are organizing our businesses."

Larry Light addresses the ANA Brand Masters Conference