Less Facts, More Fiction: Expanding Research's Mind: Moving away from method, to a much wider definition of strategy as execution

James Ebdon
OMG Life
Elizabeth Lonergan
Leanne Tomasevic
Truth Consulting


When data is abundant, expertise in collection, rigor and robustness loses relevance, paving the way for less factual approaches

The Sunday edition of the New York Times has more information than a cultivated person in the eighteenth century would consume during a lifetime, in fact, there has been more information produced in the last thirty years than there has during the previous 5,000 years (Bauman, 2007). Where data used to be scarce and there was a need to gather as much as one could, there is now an imperative to develop a form of data amnesia, where the challenge becomes more about how do we forget and filter, compared to the old way of the world where emphasis was on getting as much as we can.