Okell's Brewery rebrand

Agency: Good
Client: Okell's Brewery
Brand: Okell's Brewery
Category: Packaging: Branded drink

"The work Good delivered for Okell's transformed not only the fortunes of our brand but our thinking as well. We now see design as a powerful business tool and not a marketing cost."

Steve Pickett
Managing Director,
Okell's Brewery

Commercial summary

Okell's Brewery was established on the Isle of Man in 1850 by Dr William Okell who, with the help of the island's parliament, created an act of law to ensure the purity of the cask ale brewed on the island.

However, over the years, the identities of the individual ales had been created sporadically and in isolation with no thought for brand. This had lead to a collection of outdated and homespun badges that only really appealed to the real ale specialist.