Vina Laguna Rebranding

Lewis Moberly

Client: AGROKOR Vina
Category: Packaging (Branded-Drink)

'This shift and the sales growth already achieved would simply not have happened without the re-branding. What the design has done is capture the story of Istria in a dramatic new way…"
Sasa Zee, AGROKOR Vina Marketing Director

Executive summary


This is a true story of how outstanding design, at the behest of inspired private enterprise, helped re-brand a diffuse, undervalued, volume brand of Croatian wine and take it from "socialist era behemoth" which the client company inherited to a magical embodiment of modern Istria - overnight.

The Vina Laguna identity is based on an icon created for the brand - "Spirit of Istria" - inspired by the legend of the blithe spirits who built the ancient amphitheatre of Pula. It represents the lightness of Istria that you sense in the wine, the air, and the Istrian way of life.