Boss – Bottled

Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Callegari Berville Grey
Campaign Name: Boss Bottled
Category: Long term effectiveness award


Launching a fragrance is expensive, and a launch only becomes a long-term success when it manages to establish a loyal base of repeat purchasers, a sufficient reputation and “dream level” to continuously attract new purchasers with low marketing support. A fragrance is most profitable when it manages to maintain a top ten position in the market year in and year out. Boss successfully entered the fine fragrance market in the mid-1980s with Boss No. 1 – however, by the 1990s it had become dated and sales declined. In order to survive in the long-term in the fragrance market, Boss desperately needed to launch a strong new signature fragrance that could maintain a top ten position over the long term. It was with this in mind that Boss, Hugo Boss (Boss Bottled) was launched in 1998.