Knorr – Why It's Still Good To Invest In The Stock Market

Principal Author: Nicole Rulka - JWT
Contributing Author: Orlando Hooper-Greenhill - JWT


This is a paper about growth. The lifeblood of any FMCG brand is NPD, yet with only 1 in 5 launches succeeding, each one is a precarious stepi. The key challenge for any brand is to achieve growth that is brand and business enhancing, rather than SKU expanding, and in a way that avoids cannibalisation.

This paper will show how Knorr, a number two brand in the stock category, took on the market leader of 70 years and wonii. It will show how Knorr did this by achieving genuine incremental growth and minimising cannibalisation. It will demonstrate the value of doing things differently to achieve different results; and lastly, it will prove that all of this is possible in a category that is mature and stagnated.