IKEA Canada: Moving Day

Leo Burnett Toronto

Advertiser: IKEA
Brand: IKEA
Country: Canada


How do you create relief for a city in urban chaos…and by doing so, turn that relief into unprecedented sales?

Every July 1st long weekend in Canada, a cultural phenomenon happens unlike any other. The people of Quebec move, not one-by-one, but all at once. They call it Moving Day or Fête du Déménagement, and it leads to complete urban chaos. Imagine 225,000 Montreal residents, in a city of 1.8 million, moving all at the very same time.

(Source: CBC, July 01, 2010)

(Source: Wikipedia)

We saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate IKEA's brand purpose – to provide a better everyday life for the many people. By moving IKEA into the hearts and minds of Montreallers, we could move more Montreallers into an IKEA store.