An optimised model for Euro-PR

Patrick Frison-Roche

Is Euro-PR out of sync? These days, regional PR seems relegated to a good topic for debate, some kind of PR-Utopia where Europe is portrayed either as a single unified market or a heteroclite collection of sub-regions that may someday work together.

Let us have a closer look at how businesses currently run their PR across Europe. In our online survey (details on, 76 EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) PR directors have responded to a few simple questions, including: 'How many agencies do you use for your Euro-PR?' and 'How many people are coordinating your PR across Europe?' The results provide a starting point for a bit of lateral thinking.

Whereas two-thirds of respondents indicate that they use several agencies (the largest proportion actually using two to four consultancies) to cover their multi-country PR needs), one-third have only one internal resources to manage its network of PR providers (see Figure 1). The vast majority actually rely on two people for the whole region (see Figure 2).