Time for action

Tim Hipperson


The service provided to brands by the siloed agency model is bankrupt and must be replaced by a comprehensive, joined-up service that responds to consumer demands immediately

As the technological revolution gathers scale and speed, consumers expect a brand's social engagement to be ubiquitous and they want everything now – or as close to now as possible.

To help brands meet these expectations, agencies need to shift from developing creative executions to nurturing consumer communities; from delivering push communications to creating pull interactions; and from managing campaigns to facilitating conversations.

Most people recognise this need for a new agency model – we've been talking about it for years. Is it now a matter of do-or-die?


1 Creative and media agencies are stuck in the mass media world. The talent and processes in creative and media agencies focus on delivering work efficiently for above-the-line media with large audiences and large budgets. As new media grows and asks for agility and speed, traditional agencies can't deliver. They appear more comfortable with conventional channels, which they claim are 'integrated' because they have tacked on a website.