Me Nuh 'Ave Nuh Time Fe Nuh Bag a Chat

I Have No Time For Any Nonsense

James Parsons


Red Stripe is a well established beer that is produced in Desnoes and Geddes Spanish Town Road brewery in Kingston, Jamaica. In some ways, it is a little bit like a microcosm of the country it comes from. Like the well-travelled Jamaicans themselves, this is a brand that has had as much success (or even more) abroad as at home. Like the talented Reggae Boyz last summer in France, it has achieved renown on the world stage. Jamaica is an intrinsically interesting place. The unique inheritance of English colonial ways bizarrely mixed with West African heritage, at the lower end of the social and economic scale, makes for a population that seems at once tuned into Western cultural norms, and tied to the reflexes of the Yoruba and Asante societies that precede it.