The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.: Listed On Nasdaq campaign

Ed Dinger


Nasdaq, the world's first electronic stock market, was flying high in the late 1990s, its advertising proclaiming it to be "The stock market for the next 100 years." All but synonymous with the Internet-focused "New Economy" and heavy with technology companies, the Nasdaq was dealt a severe blow when the tech sector collapsed in 2000, compounded a year later by an economy in recession. The Nasdaq's image was severely tarnished, leading to a change in advertising agencies in 2001. McKinney & Silver, an agency based in Durham, North Carolina, was hired to restore some luster to the brand. The resulting "Listed on Nasdaq" campaign was intended to reassure the investment community, especially high-level corporate executives, that Nasdaq was still a great place to be listed for both tech and non-tech companies alike.