Predicting brand decisions through emotional engagement - Evaluating creative work: a bioquali approach (survey research & neuroscience) required

Cristina de Balanzó
Ramon Llull University, Spain

Rafal Ohme
Brain Applied Research Center, Poland

Henk Eising
Heineken International, Netherlands


This paper brings into perspective the need to combine new research approaches with traditional ones. This will enable us to answer new and old questions, create innovative approaches using new technologies, and deliver more creative ways of interpreting findings. Interpretation will be a key aspect in this methodological proposal.

With this in mind, we would like to take a first step towards a new methodological approach, to pre-test the early stage of communication ideas. We will translate the results of this experiment into a new ‘advertising development tool’ that enables Communication Managers to make ‘better', fact-based decisions with regard to the selection of scripts/storyboards and to determine specific shooting requirements.