Research for public relations and communications strategy. A unique experience in health reform perceptual measurement in Turkey

Selim Oktar
Strategi/MORI, Turkey
Hamza Zeytinoglu
Strateji/MORI, Chadwick Martin Bailey Inc., United States


The Ministry of Health of Turkey, as part of the World Bank-funded First Health Project, is undertaking a major Health Reform Development Program for the country. The goal is to make notable improvements in critical outcomes such as infant mortality as well as equitably increasing the quality of care for the entire population of Turkey.

Health reform has been a governmental priority for several years and responsibility has been taken by the Ministry of Health. In the early nineties, extensive meetings were conducted to receive input from the medical community. Based on this understanding and reviews of solutions for other countries, a model was developed. There is now draft legislation covering three components of the proposed healthcare system (Health Financing Institution, Health Enterprises, and the Primary Healthcare Services/Family Physician Scheme) that is expected to be debated in the Turkish Parliament this year. It is now essential that a social consensus should be built on the concept, subject and objectives.