EA Sports: FIFA '09-FIFA '13 – Playing the Long Game

Client: Electronic Arts
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Category: Long-term Effectiveness
Country: Netherlands

Five years ago, FIFA's name wasn't even first on the team sheet when it came to choosing which football game you should buy. Now, it's not just the biggest star on the football field, it's the biggest video game of any type right across Europe.

This dramatic transformation has only been made possible by a campaign that has surpassed its objectives year after year, a campaign that has defied a five-year trend of deep market decline to deliver record-breaking sales season after season, and a campaign that has turned FIFA into the world's biggest club.

Like all good football stories, this was a game of two halves…

EA SPORTS' first job was simple: FIFA needed to overcome its direct opponent in the football sub-segment: Pro-Evolution Soccer. This rival was more respected thanks to its long-standing console heritage and was better loved in every single European market. EA SPORTS sought to establish a dominant position of 66% share. They achieved this within two years, only to find themselves facing a new and seemingly insurmountable challenge...