Finally Somebody Has to Get Out an Ad

Leo Burnett
Leo Burnett Company, Inc

When the day's last meeting is over,
   And the V.P.'s have left for the train,
When account men are at bare with the client,
   And the space men have switched off the brain,
we shall work, and, by God we shall have to –
   Get out the pencils and pads,
For finally, after the meetings – someone
   Must get out the ads!

There are those who roap with the children,
   Or spend some time with the wife,
There are those who catch trains right on schedule,
   And lead the suburban life,
There are ad men who live just like people,
   And are known to their daughters and lads,
Though we envy the life they are leading,
   Still – someone must get out the ads.

Oh, it's night after night we ruin dinner,
   And although our wives reprimand us,
Somehow we keep right in the rat race
   And somehow the wives understand us,
For no matter the departments and experts,
   The slide rules and business school grads,
All the surveys, reports and researches,
   Can't stay down and get out the ads!