Automated planning optimises TV spend

Andrew Willshire

Media agencies can reduce costs to the client and boost efficiency by using sales data to calculate ROI in a range of test scenarios

The media industry is undergoing a major upheaval. An increasingly complex and fragmented media landscape, combined with intense pressure from clients to reduce their fees, means that media agencies are being asked to simultaneously do much more, yet for less reward.

In response, all agencies are re-examining their cost structures and trying to identify those areas where they can make significant savings, while recognising that it is imperative that they invest in the skills and resources that give them a competitive edge.

As always in service industry jobs, examining costs may lead to the conclusion that there is a need to extract greater efficiencies from staff. This is tricky to implement at the best of times, but especially so given all the effort a typical media agency workforce will have been putting in during the downturn.