Learnings From One of the World's Largest Peoplemeter Panels

LV Krishnan, Giovanni Fabris and Sharan Sharma
TAM India, Fabris Media Marketing Services and TAM India

Executive summary

2013 marks fifteen years of currency Peoplemeter data in India. Managing a Peoplemeter panel which measures a complex, fast-changing and possibly the most diverse socio-cultural audience has been a challenging but very insightful process. The Indian media industry had the vision in the 1990s to foresee a globally competitive scenario and undertook measures to put a currency TV audience measurement system in place. In the last fifteen years, as the Indian market place has rapidly evolved, so too has audience measurement. What started off as a nine-city panel with a design sample size of 1650 homes in 1998 is now a 225 sample town panel aggregated to 34 reporting markets with a design sample of more than 9500 homes (which translates to more than 40,000 individual respondents).