College for Creative Studies: CCS PSA Campaign

Category: Small Budgets- Services
Brand/Client: College for Creative Studies (CCS)
Lead Agency: Team Detroit Inc.

State of the brand's business

In the world of higher education, recruitment is everything. Getting kids interested in your school is the first step to getting them (and their parents) to buy four years' worth of your product. Which is precisely how recruiting becomes a blue-blooded blood sport that turns even the classiest of the elite into thugs who will do whatever it takes to push, pull or shove students onto campus. Each visiting student is the equivalent of a small fortune on two designer-jeaned legs. Recruiting quickly gets down and dirty, and while fists may not actually fly, punches are thrown in the form of glossy brochures, high school visits, and recruiter calls. At the crux of these efforts is the attempt to secure the almighty "Campus Visit." (Cue angels singing.) Disguised as "Information Sessions," these opportunities to actually walk the grounds of a school, get a feel for the vibe of an institution and literally "see oneself" on campus are more often than not what seals the deal in the student's mind that "I have to need to will positively die if I don't go here."

Strategic challenge