Gamer personalities

Mu Xiang, Steven Hu, with Fish Huang and Theresa Loo
East China Normal University, InGameAd with MEC China

Gamers invariably choose an online role-playing personality similar to their own, which brands can use to find a match with their own brand personalities, as research from China shows.

The relationship between gamer personality, MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing game) archetype personality and brand personality can be conceptualised as a triad.

Our research found that 65% of the Chinese gamers surveyed chose a MMORPG archetype that reflected their own personality. Furthermore, in consumer behaviour literature, there is evidence that consumers (gamers in this case) also tend to buy brands that match their personality. So there is mileage for brands to match their brand personality with the personality of MMORPG archetypes, so that the three-way connections can be bridged. In this way, the gamers will be experiencing the brand when they play the role of the MMORPG archetype.