Heineken – Jouw Heineken

Agency name: Fitzroy
Client name: Heineken
Category: Innovative Idea or Concept


“Your Heineken” is a unique online platform which consumers can design or personalise his/her own six-pack. Linking this platform to special moments in communication makes “Your Heineken THE ideal gift idea – for birthdays, Father’s Day or any day”.

The projected targets for the campaign have all been met or exceeded. The conversion target was met within seven weeks. The campaign’s success has prompted Heineken to expand “Your Heineken” to other European countries, using the strategy, creation and selected media as a case study.


JouwHeineken.nl offers consumers the opportunity to design and order their own custom beer bottle. Users can either create their own design or personalise an existing background. The order is then delivered to you or to someone you want to surprise within 10 days.