IKEA: Moving Day

Category: Media Idea
Brand/Client: IKEA Canada
Lead Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide Canada
Contributing Agency: Jungle Media


Every July 1st long weekend in Canada, a cultural phenomenon happens. The people of Quebec Canada move, not one by one but all at once. They call it Moving Day or Fête du déménagement, and it leads to all kinds of chaos. (Source CBC, July 01, 2010) Imagine 225,000 Montreal residents, in a city of 1.8 million, moving all at the very same time. (Source: Statistics Canada Rolling 2 Year National Polls) We saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate the brand's purpose – to provide a better everyday life for the many people -helping move IKEA into the hearts and minds of all Quebecers, and Quebecers into an IKEA store. People's dominant behavior as it related to IKEA and its competitors, when it came to moving, was out of site out of mind. It's only when people move in to a new place and decorate that IKEA plays a real role, and truly shines in peoples lives. The day is anything but about buying more things…it's about packing and storing away things. People of Quebec already have an overwhelming sense of chaos, unpreparedness, stress, time depravation, and overall angst as each day grows closer to the spectacle that is Moving Day. IKEA needed to help Quebecers in a way that was relevant to their situation at hand.