Depaul UK: iHobo

Publicis London


Company Name: Publicis London
Country: United Kingdom
Client name: Depaul UK
Entry category: Non-profit Organisations and Non-governmental Bodies
Dates run: The Campaign ran from 30/4/2010 to 30/4/2011


“Depaul UK is a charity that helps young people who are homeless, vulnerable, and disadvantaged. Like most charities Depaul UK relies on voluntary donations. But with an ageing donor base (average age 65+) Depaul UK needed to find a way to connect with a younger audience in order to ensure a solid source of funding for the future. Previous campaigns had tried to achieve this, but with a limited media budget recruiting new donors was proving difficult. iHobo, an iPhone app, was a rich and engaging gaming experience that asked users to look after a virtual homeless person on their phone for 3 days. Not only did iHobo force our target audience to stop ignoring youth homelessness, but it also enlisted their support to help deal with the problem by inviting them to make an instant donation and join the Depaul UK supporter database.”