Danone: Eat like a champ

Client name: DANONE UK
Category: Cause or Charity/Non-profit Marketing


Year 5 (9-10 years) school kids are a challenging target for any brand! They are increasingly streetwise, brand-savvy and cynical about being sold to, especially by brands that they perceive as being ‘not for me.’ Children's obesity and lack of exercise are issues common to many countries these days and for a brand to tackle these problems is an ambitious challenge.

The agency considered that to succeed, a highly innovative idea would be needed which, if communicated via the correct channels, could be capable of overcoming the innate resistance by the target audience to deal with issues such as these. Danone was looking for just such an idea that would enable them to connect more closely with this audience, not just during a promotional period but, as a result of a behaviour-changing campaign, for a sustained period.