Decomposing Pinterest virality: An analysis of the drivers of content reach

Dave Choate

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2013 saw Pinterest grow explosively and quickly solidify its place as one of the most visited social networks in the world. Founded in 2010, Pinterest is only four years old. In that brief time, it has become the 29th most popular website in the world. Pinterest's audience is truly global. The United States, where it is most popular, represents slightly less than half of the total Pinterest audience. It has strong user bases in other English speaking markets including India, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Pinterest's growth has not stopped. While estimates vary, Pinterest has somewhere between 50 to 70 million active monthly users as of 2014, a factor of an estimated growth of 58% in 2013. This growth and strong user base has led to a large valuation for the company. It was pegged at $3.8 billion in the latest round of funding.