Warc's Toolkit: How did we do in 2012?

David Tiltman

At the beginning of last year, Warc launched its 2012 Toolkit, a guide to new thinking and best practice around the world. In the report, we looked at 10 challenges that we thought brands would face in 2012, and suggested ways they could respond.

So how did we do? In this article we run through each of last year's themes and see how they have played out in the past 12 months.

1. Consumers: The new middle-classes

What we said: "Parallel trends at opposite ends of the world highlight a key issue for marketers: finding new sources of sales growth. In the US, this means the multicultural market. In China and India, this means rural markets and smaller cities."

What we saw in 2012: The US presidential elections highlighted the power of multicultural America. Several brands have rethought the way they approach multicultural consumers - Walmart has even dropped the concept of 'multicultural' in favour of targeting consumers according to local preferences. Meanwhile, in several emerging markets (particularly India), 2012 saw economic growth falter. However, the momentum of recent years means the growth in middle-class consumers away from the biggest cities will remain an opportunity for brands.