Outdoor effectiveness

Jim Jarrett and Mark Bulling

A WPP study using Millward Brown's BrandZ data reveals how outdoor media derives a 'Presence' dividend and can be used in brand building as well as driving search activity

Brands and media are (or should be) the bread and butter of the life of a media agency, but how often is it that we actually step back and examine in detail the relationship between the two?

In partnership with UK outdoor trade body the Outdoor Media Centre, Mindshare has recently explored the relationship between brand equity and media activity, and the results of the study reveal a reassuringly robust picture of the contribution that advertising makes towards brand development, and the impact that different media channels can have on brand health.

From an outdoor perspective, what we found was that outdoor advertising builds brands by providing the 'fame' essential for strong brand development, sustains the strongest brands and builds young brands, and is associated with more confident brands.