Agency: McCann Erickson Author: Colin Flint

Love over gold - the untold story of TV's greatest romance


Gold Blend was launched by Nestl in the mid-1960s. It used the new freeze-dried technology to provide a smoother, richer taste, and was sold at a price premium to Nescaf of around 25%.

It was an excellent product, outperforming its rivals in taste tests, and was very successful in its early years. It reached a peak brand share of 7.8% in 1969, but thereafter drifted away slightly until, by the mid-1980s, the share was around 6.5%.


Up to 1987, advertising had concentrated on the product itself, using the mnemonic of a gold bean to suggest product superiority. The problem was that, although Gold Blend performed well as a product, and was seen as upmarket and high quality, it was not accessible for the bulk of coffee buyers. The rational product message was only interesting to a minority of upmarket coffee drinkers. The brand's appeal was therefore limited to upmarket coffee connoisseurs. However, given the broad acceptability of the product, we, here at McCann-Erickson, believed there was a bigger opportunity.