Shopper marketing's ROI

Manita Khuller

Measuring the effectiveness of Shopper Marketing requires collaboration between brand and retailer to exploit the mass of transactional and consumer behavioural data available.

A new norm of protracted economic recession in the developed markets of the world combined with volatile consumer demand in developing markets has placed new emphasis on value in marketing investment. Every CEO is seeking greater RoI. Unilever's CFO has announced a worldwide drive on RoI. Jean-Marc Huet said: "Our efforts are focused on a programme we call 'Return on Marketing Investment'." A frequent refrain, we will hear more of as markets and companies struggle back to growth. However, sound investment in Shopper Marketing can help here.

Measurement of marketing investments has always been a challenge. Traditionally, brand marketing has targeted the consumer masses, and proving direct causal relationships has been difficult, while Shopper Marketing, as the newest addition to the marketing family of investments, has some different challenges, as we explore here.