Brands without borders: Co-creating a regional brand vision

Philip McNaughton
Face, USA
Dewi Larasati
Danone, Indonesia


Consumer co-creation – through an innovative use of online communities and consumer workshops – helped Mizone grow as a brand in the region by developing a regionally consistent and locally nuanced brand vision

Based on a number of consumer studies and internal work-sessions conducted in different markets in the region (primarily India, Indonesia and Singapore), this paper will focus on five key elements:

  • It shows how innovative and new qualitative techniques can be successfully combined, adapted and implemented in APAC to yield fresher insight, marketing team engagement and creative inspiration.
  • It shows how consumers can directly collaborate with agencies and brand owners to develop a powerful and high-level brand vision – how co-creation does not need to be limited to product or communications innovation.
  • It shows how a project of this nature can significantly speed up research and brand and communications development in the region – moving away from the endless battles and massaging of language that can go on between clients, planners and creatives.
  • It shows how working with local market consumers in a bottom-up approach can successfully allow laddering up to a strong regional perspective, rather than applying a top-down approach.
  • It celebrates how a cross cultural team can effectively work together to deliver success for an established brand in a cross-market environment.

Business context – the challenge for Mizone