Jamie Oliver: Jme

Brand Identity under £100,000



You'd have to be a bit of a hermit not to have heard of Jamie Oliver. For over ten years, he has graced our TV screens as a favourite celebrity chef, and has become a growing presence on the high street too - both as the face of Sainsbury's, and by licensing the Jamie Oliver brand to numerous food and kitchenware producers.

As a result, the Jamie Oliver name and image has become rather well-used. Which is why, in 2009, Jamie decided to create a brand that wasn't just about him. Built on collaborations with a host of designers and suppliers from Britain and beyond, Jamie's new brand would hero product over personality, bringing together a diverse and extensive range of goods to be sold, not in the usual high street stores, but in protected environments -online; in Jamie's own two Recipease stores; and through Direct Selling Parties. By circumventing third party retailers in this way, Jamie could create an authentic environment in which to tell a more aspirational brand story, and help consumers follow his strategic step from the kitchen to the home.