Purex: The Art of Shopper Marketing: Purex's Shock and Awe at Walmart

Category: SME-Manufacturer: Single-Retailer Rollout
Brand/Client: Purex / Henkel
Lead Agency: Zooka Creative
Contributing Agencies: Energy BBDO

Strategic Challenge

Our challenge was to inspire Walmart shoppers to try a new premium priced fabric enhancer in an unfamiliar form under a brand name known historically for value laundry detergents.

In addition to the normal challenges of any new product launch, Purex Crystals had these 6 key difficulties…

  1. The mature, fabric softener category was in steep decline due to the recession.
  2. The Purex brand was known as a value detergent brand with no material equity in fabric softeners.
  3. The number of premium fabric softener buyers was disproportionally lower at Walmart compared to the category average.
  4. Purex Crystals came in a new, unique form, which was unfamiliar to U.S. consumers.
  5. The product would be priced at a premium to even Downy's products.
  6. Shoppers were "somewhat satisfied" with their current fabric softeners.