Forecasting global media inflation trends for 2010

Media costs will increase in many markets as the deflationary trends of 2009 recede, predicts Warc's Global Media Inflation Benchmarks Survey.

But the most inflationary media markets - such as China and India - will contrast markedly with the US and UK where cost per thousand figures for most media are expected to decline in 2010.

The survey, part of Warc's Global Media Cost Comparison service, summarises and standardises comparable media costs to provide a broad estimate of a brand's likely cost of communicating its marketing message.

In contrast to 2009 where many countries saw substantial levels of media cost deflation, modest levels of inflation are generally forecast for next year. The major exceptions, as was the case last year, will be China and India where strong economic growth has had a positive effect on adspend levels and so led to media cost increases of the order of 5% to 10% for India next year, and even higher growth rates for China.