Mediker: How conversations enabled Mediker's journey from lice negative to life positive

Allen Eric, Siddhartha Loiwal and Aditya Save

Campaign details

Brand owner: Marico
Agency: BBH Communications India, Mumbai; Madison Media Infinity; Perfect Relations; Radiowani; School Health Annual Report Programme
Brand: Mediker
Country: India

Executive summary

Mediker, a brand synonymous with anti-lice treatment for kids, was targeting mums in rural India. Traditionally positioned on a functional benefit of painless lice removal, Mediker had a clinical image, seen by mums as relevant only as last resort, in case of heavy lice incidence. Caught in a vicious cycle of fewer trials and infrequent usage, the shift towards early evaluation and usage required Mediker to be humanized, making it warm and approachable. Mediker shifted the lens from a lice-negative to a life-positive space, asking, 'What happens to my daughter when there are no lice?' Big idea: 'Smart kids don't scratch their heads.' Mediker celebrated kids' smartness, creating a unique, live ecosystem around radio: girls could become radio jockeys on air for a week, engineering conversations around the unspeakable, embarrassing problem, humanizing Mediker. Mobile, a freephone number, schools and PR completed the ecosystem. This led to huge conversations, the brand being seen as safe and trustworthy and a disproportionate shift in brand trials.

Market background and business objectives