McDonald's: There's a McDonald's for everyone

Leo Burnett


The emotional bond between McDonald's and its customers, once so strong, had weakened: we needed to get people to fall in love with McDonald’s all over again.

We found that a significant proportion of customers had fallen into a purely functional relationship with McDonald’s and that many users actually disliked the brand. The potential was clear: if we could re-invigorate the brand relationship, we could attract lapsed customers back to McDonald’s, and current consumers more frequently and enthusiastically to it.

So we decided to celebrate its role at the heart of British life as a democratic, welcoming place, enjoyed by people of all stripes. Our proposition was simple: McDonald's is ‘the People’s Restaurant’.

Our creative solution was the ‘Favourites’ campaign: the poetic ‘Everybody’ and ‘Techy Types’ TV commercials, complemented by mouth-watering outdoor reminders of everyone’s favourite McDonald’s products.